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Bhagalpur is an ancient city and the history of Bhagalpur goes back to the days of vedic period. References to Bhagalpur can be found in Indian epics like the Ramayana and Mahabharata where Bhagalpur was described as the kingdom of Anga.
The origin of silk in india goes back to the dim recesses of antiquity. Bhagalpur known as Champa in the days of yore,produced abundantly Tussar mulberry out of the 4 categories of silk. The industry enjoyed a royal patronage and silk, the best in the world, was exported to the countries bordering the Mediterranean sea under the protection of royal troops. From the period of antiquity to the modern period,the silk industry survived in its indigenous form. In 1810-11,Buchanan Hamilton presented a fine account about the Tussar of Bhagalpur.
More than 35000 handloom weavers, with 25000 looms live in Bhagalpur. Total trade of Bhagalpur is approximately more than 100 crores per annum ,50% comprising domestic and 50% from the export market.Around 100000 people are engaged in the work of separating silk threads from cocoons,and spinning the the yarn to weave into cloth.
Silk fabrics made in Bhagalpur are being exported to countries like West Asia, Europe, U.S. and Japan. Home furnishings are becoming increasingly famous in the international market.Outfits designed with this exclusive silk fabric have gained immense popularity in ramp show and fashion weeks.

  1. SUN DRYING METHOD: The cocoons are dried under moderate sunlight.
  2. SPECIAL BOILING PROCESS: The softness of yarn by this method and shining of fabrics increase with every wash.
  3. THIGH REELING: This process increases the strengths of fabrics by three to four times and keeps the yarn more lustrous.
  4. KUNDI FINISH: This process helps to improve the feel,luster and look of the fabrics.
  5. TUSSAR WASTE SPINNING: The waste silk is thoroughly cleaned and spun into yarns.
Product Catalogue
  1. Rising demand in domestic and traditional market.
  2. Highly potential.
  3. Investing on sericulture.
  4. Global silk production decreasing.
Challenges & Proposed intervention in Action Plan
Problems Detail Proposed intervention Level of Intervention (Centre, State, District, RA) Concerned Ministry & Department
Administrative support Lack of awareness about IEC Increasing awareness about IEC process Centre DGFT
Branding Loss of merchandise due to damage Better primary, secondary, or tertiary packaging Centre IIP, MoCI
Training Limited knowledge on e-commerce onboarding Workshops one-commerce on boarding District and State level DEPC and state industries dept
Research and development Design related modifications required for products training workshops by NID District, State and Central
Common Facilitation Centre Lack of Processing facilities A Common Facility centre with state-of-the-art machinery District, State and Central DEPC, State Industries Department, MoCI

Regular interventions are being made by District Administration & Central Authorities to overcome these challenges. For any type of details, one can contact helpdesk centre at Resham Bhawan, Bhagalpur.
TOLL FREE NUMBER:18002089988

SL. No. Training Venue Period No. Of Trainees Remark/Subject
1 Resham Bhawan, Zeromile, Bhagalpur-813210 27-06-2022 to 08-07-2022 15 Tasar Silk Reeling on Buniyaad Machine
2. Details of Upskilling Training Conducted in Bhagalpur District from 2022-Till Date
Sl. No. Batch Id Duration of Training Place of training No. of Beneficiaries
1 5829 09-03-2022 to 26-04-2022 Champangar, Nathnagar 24
2 5844 11-03-2022 to 28-04-2022 Kahalgaon 21
3 7276 30-06-2022 to 13-08-2022 Kharik 21
4 7314 04-07-2022 to 20-08-2022 hussainabad 17
5 11015 17-02-2023 to 04-04-2023 Ambabag, Jagdishpur 30
6 13607 24-06-2022 to 10-08-2022 Puraini, Jagdishpur 30
7 13621 26-06-2023 to 13-08-2023 Sheikhpura, Shahkund 30
8 14033 10-07-2023 to 23-08-2023 Ganoura Badarpur, Nathnagar 30
Total 203
3. Technology Demonstration Programme
Sl. No. Date Venue Title of the training programme Participants
1 24-11-2022 Khaira village, Shahkund, Bhagalpur Demonstration of Buniyaad reeling Machine 20
2 27-02-2023 Mustafapur, Jagdishpur, Bhagalpur Demonstration of Buniyaad reeling Machine 22
Total 42
Workshop Programme
Sl No. Date Venue Title of Workshop Programme
1 24-11-2022 Village-Khaira Shahkund, Bhagalpur Bhagalpur Tasar reeling technology
2 27-02-2023 Kamalchak, Jagdishpur, Bhagalpur Advantages of reeling technology over traditional reeling
List of Mentors registered with district to provide maintership to beneficiaries
Sl. No. Name Contact
1 Devendra Das 9934284565
2 Gulam Kadir 6201289932
3 Shiv Shankar Tanti 6200721774
4 Md. Afzal Alam Ansari 9852258963

Details By Account holder of all transactions (Sales)
Approx. 120 crores , financial year- 2022-23,
Maintership supports available with clearly laid out procedures to avail the same Training Centre Information
Department- Weavers Service Centre
Center Name-WSC Bhagalpur
Center Address-Kanchangarh, Barari, Bhagalpur-812003
SPOC Details
Name- Anirudh Ranjan
Designation-Textile Designer
Email Id-
Procedure of Funding support
261 beneficiaries received Loom, Accessories, Lighting Units in Shekhpura Cluster and Sabour Cluster
Funding Support under MM Udyami Yojna DPT DST Industry (PMMY) Bhagalpur weaver mudra

# Count
Total application 1590
Acknowledge 1223
Pending for Acknowledgment 89
Returned 278
Pending for Sanctioned 121
Sanctioned 143
Rejected 959
Government Schemes Introduced Buniyaad Tasar Reeling Machines Initiated
Sl. No. Block No. of Reeling Machine
1 Bhagalpur sadar 05
2 Jagdishpur 372
3 Shahkund 112
4 Nathnagar 46
5 Kahalgaon 71
6 Pirpainti 262
7 Goradih 36
Total 904

2. Silk samagra-2 Scheme
Details of Quality Assurance Labs/Certification Labs/Processing Units/Quality Infrastructure with Contact details
Design Studio & Product and Development Centre
Contact Details: Manish Kumar Mobile:7320923230

Sl. No. Description of Goods Quantity
1 Textile Testing Equipments Set a. GSM Cutter
b. Crock Meter
c. Launder Ometer
d. Fabric Tensile Strength Tester with Fabric & lea Grip
e. Colour Matching Cabinet 01
f. Busley Balance 01
g. Fabric Inspection Machine 01
h. Elmendorl tearing Strength Tester 01
i. Shrinkage Tester 01
j. Swater Cutter 01
k. Digital Bursting Strenth Taster 01
2 Computerized Embroidery Machine 4” x 4” 01
3 Electronic Screen Printing Machine 01
4 Manual Embroidery m/c with stand table and Motor 03
5 Multi Shaft Sample Loom 01
6 Pattern Cutting Table 01
7 Round knife cutting M/C 01
8 Stitching Machine 04
9 4 Thread over lock machine 01
10 6 Thread over lock Machine 01
11 Button Hole Machine 01
12 Butlooming Machine 01
13 Fusing Machine 01
14 Jumbo Boiler 01
15 Vacuum Finishing Table with Press 01
16 Dress Forms (5 /5 fench) 10
17 Manual Screen printing Machine 01
Details of Departments providing institutional support to beneficiaries availing support under ODOP initiative
Sl No. Name
1 Weaver's Service Centre, Bhagalpur
2 Assistant Director industry (Sericulture)
3 Silk Technical Service Centre, Central Silk Board, Bhagalpur
(Ref: District Export Action Plan, Bhagalpur View Action Plan) (Ref: Government of India Geographical Indications Journal No. 45 View Journal)