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Title Date Download/Link
Initial Notification Letter No- -XXXI-1(6)/16-367 07/09/2018 Download(6 MB)
District Magistrate Tour Program of September 2018 31/08/2018 Download(300 KB)
Operation Dakhal Dehani Prapatra-1 (July 2018) 06/08/2018 Download(183 KB)
Operation Dakhal Dehani Prapatra-2 (July 2018) 06/08/2018 Download(184 KB)
Operation Dakhal Dehani Prapatra-3 (July 2018) 06/08/2018 Download(182 KB)
Operation Dakhal Dehani Prapatra-4 (July 2018) 06/08/2018 Download(297 KB)
Operation Dakhal Dehani Samakit (July 2018) 06/08/2018 Download(168 KB)
Abhiyan Besar Prapatra 2 (July 2018) 06/08/2018 Download(162 KB)
Abhiyan Besar Prapatra 3 (July 2018) 06/08/2018 Download(169 KB)
Abhiyan Besar (May 2018) 04/08/2018 Download(37 KB)