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Form 6 - Application for inclusion of name in Electoral Roll.

Form 6A - Application for inclusion of name in Electoral Roll by an overseas Indian elector.

Form 7 - Application for objecting inclusion of name in Electoral Roll or seeking deletion of name from Electoral Roll.

Form 8 - Application for correction to particulars entered in Electoral Roll.

Form 8A - Application for transposition of entry from one part of electoral roll to another part of electoral roll of a constituency.

Form for Candidates

Form-2A Nomination Paper for Contesting Election to the Lok Sabha (House of the People).English|| Hindi

Form-2B Nomination Paper for Contesting Election to the Vidhan Sabha (Legislative Assembly).English|| Hindi

Form-26 Affidavit to be submitted by Candidates along with nomination paper.English|| Hindi

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Form 6 English Hindi

Form 6A English Hindi

Form 7 English Hindi

Form 8 English Hindi

Form 8A English Hindi

1Shri Amit Talwar, General Observer0641-2422016/ 7250090155/ 8968899999
2Shri Sunil Kumar Singh, Police Observer0641-2422015/ 9229401028/ 9454400394
3Shri Nanda Dulal Das, Expenditure Observer7294978869
4Shri Amit D. Mallinathpura, Expenditure Observer7050820550

Parliamentary Constituency NameDesignationContact NoEmail ID
26-Bhagalpur Dr. Nawal Kishor Choudhary District Election Officer Off Tel- +91-641-2402200
Res Tel- +91-641-2402300
Mob- +91-9473191381
Fax- +91-641-2402400
Assembly ConstituencyNameDesignationContact NoEmail ID
152-Bihpur Aparna Bharti Returning Officer(AC) Mob- +91-8544412314
Office- +91-641-222007
153-Gopalpur Uttam Kumar Returning Officer(AC) Off- +91-6421-223103
Res- +91-6421-223110
Mob- +91-9473191385
154-Pirpainty(SC) Sarfaraj Nawaz Returning Officer (AC) Mob- +91-8544412313 lrdckah-bgp-bih@nic[dot]in
155-Kahalgaon Ashok Kumar Mandal Returning Officer(AC) Off- +91-6429-222204
Res- +91-6429-2222205
Mob- +91-9473191384
156-Bhagalpur Dhannjay Kumar Returning Officer(AC) Off- +91-641-2400013
Res- +91-641-2401203
Mob- +91-9473191383
157-Sultanganj Anish Kumar Returning Officer(AC) Mob- +91-8544412312 dclr-bgp-bih@nic[dot]in
158-Nathnagar Ajay Kumar Singh Returning Officer(AC) Off Tel- +91-641-2400891
Mob- +91-9473191382
NameDesignationContact NoEmail ID
Satyanarayan Pandit AERO -Cum- BDO, Bihpur 9431818284 bdo.bihpur.bgp@gmail[dot]com
Nishant Kumar AERO -Cum- BDO, Gopalpur 9431818286
Prabhat Keshari AERO -Cum- BDO, Goradih 9431818597
Vikram Kunal AERO -Cum- BDO, Ismailpur 9431818598
Raghunandan Anand AERO -Cum- BDO, Jagdishpur 9431818283
Ravi Sinha AERO -Cum- BDO, Kahalgaon 9431818279
Rajiv Ranjan AERO -Cum- BDO, Kharik 9431818282
Khushboo Kumari AERO -Cum- BDO, Narayanpur 9431818596
Antima Kumari AERO -Cum- BDO, Nathnagar 9431818281
Gopal Krishnan AERO -Cum- BDO, Naugachia 9431818285
Abhimanyu Kumar(Charge) AERO -Cum- BDO, Pirpainti 9431818278
Annu Bharti AERO -Cum- BDO, Rangrachowk 9431818593
Prabhat Ranjan AERO -Cum- BDO, Sabour 9431818280
Abhinav Bharti AERO -Cum- BDO, Shahkund 9431818595
Manoj Kumar Murmu AERO -Cum- BDO, Sultanganj 9431818594
Shekhar Suman AERO -Cum- BDO, Sanhaula 9431818599
Lavkush Kumar AERO -Cum- CO, Bihpur 8544412472
Raushan Kumar AERO -Cum- CO, Gopalpur 8544412473
Tanya Kumari AERO -Cum- CO, Goradih 8544412463
Prince Kumar AERO -Cum- CO, Ismailpur 8544412475
Rajneesh Kumar AERO -Cum- CO, Nathnagar 8544412465
Vishwash Anand AERO -Cum- CO, Naugachhiya 8544412477
Santosh Kumar Suman AERO -Cum- CO, Rangrachowk 8544412478
Nishant Kumar AERO -Cum- CO, Kharik 8544412474
Supriya AERO -Cum- CO, Kahalgaon 8544412469
Saurabh Kumar AERO -Cum- CO, Sabour 8544412466
Dr Harsha Komal AERO -Cum- CO, Shahkund 8544412467
Mrityunjay Kumar AERO -Cum- CO, Sultanganj 8544412468
Rajneesh Chandra Roy AERO -Cum- CO, Sanhaula 8544412471
Smita Kumari AERO -Cum- CO, Jagdishpur 8544412464
Vishal Agarwal AERO -Cum- CO,Narayanpur 8544412476
Manohar Kumar(Charge) AERO -Cum- CO,Pirpainti 8544412470
Assembly ConstituencyLandLine Number
152-Bihpur 0641-2422031
153-Gopalpur 0641-2422032
154-Pirpainty(SC) 0641-2422033
155-Kahalgaon 0641-2422035
156-Bhagalpur 0641-2422036
157-Sultanganj 0641-2422037
158-Nathnagar 0641-2422039
Assembly Constituency List
152-Bihpur Download
153-Gopalpur Download
154-Pirpainty(SC) Download
155-Kahalgaon Download
156-Bhagalpur Download
157-Sultanganj Download
158-Nathnagar Download
Assembly Constituency List
152-Bihpur Download
153-Gopalpur Download
154-Pirpainty(SC) Download
155-Kahalgaon Download
156-Bhagalpur Download
157-Sultanganj Download
158-Nathnagar Download
#Candidate NameParty AffiliationAffidavit
1Ajay Kumar MandalJanata Dal (United)Link-1 Link-2 Link-3
2Rupam DeviIndependentLink
3Deepak KumarSocialist Unity Center of India (Communist)Link
4Subodh MandalIndependentLink
5Deepak Kumar SinghRashtriya Jansambhavna PartyLink-1 Link-2
6Sikandra TantiIndependentLink
7Umesh Prasad YadavPeoples Party of India (Democratic)Link
8Chhote Lal KumarIndependentLink
9Mukesh KumarAkhil Bharty Pariwar PartyLink
10Pintu Kumar GuptaIndependentLink
11Hareram YadavIndependentLink
12Prem KumarIndependentLink
13DAYARAM MANDALLok Sewa DalLink-1 Link-2
14OM PRAKASH PODDARIndependentLink
15AJEET SHARMAIndian National CongressLink-1 Link-2 Link-3 Link-4
16POONAM SINGHBahujan Samaj PartyLink-1 Link-2
17MANOHAR PRASAD SINGHApna Kisan PartyLink-1 Link-2
18AJAY KUMAR RAYIndependentLink
19RAMESH TUDUIndependentLink
20GHAMSHYAM KUMARIndependentLink
21RAM LAGAN RAIBihar Justice PartyLink
EVM 1st Randomization ListDownload
EVM 1st Supplement ListDownload
EVM 1st Supplement List (19-04-2024)Download
EVM 1st Supplement List (22-04-2024)Download
EVM 2nd Randomization List 152-Bihpur 153-Gopalpur 154-Pirpainty 155-Kahalgaon 156-Bhagalpur 158-Nathnagar
EVM 2nd Suuplement List 152-Bihpur 153-Gopalpur 154-Pirpainty 155-Kahalgaon 156-Bhagalpur 158-Nathnagar
EVM 2nd Supplement List 156-Bhagalpur

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Electronically Transmitted Postal Ballot System (ETPBS) is the one-way electronic transmission of the Postal ballots to the Service Voters. The Service Voter then cast their vote and send it to the respective returning officer via Post. The complete process is secured by way of multiple checks and transmission protocol to ensure safe transmission. Upon receipt of the postal ballot at the counting centres, the returning officer validates the receipt by a series of QR codes with that of the transmitted system.


The NVSP portal was developed with an aim to provide single window service electors. Through NVSP, a user can avail and access various services such as access the electoral list, apply for voter id card, apply online for corrections in voter’s card, view details of Polling booth, Assembly Constituency and Parliamentary constituency, and get the contact details of Booth Level officer, Electoral Registration Officer, among other services.

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